The Simply Statistics blog is all about data and methods, and often about reproducibility.

On Retraction Watch you get the latest news about papers that are fraudulent, plagiarized, or not reproducible.

The Political Science Replication Initiative is a platform for students to upload their replication attempts. It links in with Dataverse.

The Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences blogs about reproducibility, offers funding, and has a summer school on transparency each year (where I teach).

The Best Practices in Science group at Stanford is a network of researchers interested in quality standards and replication.

The Duck of Minerva Blog writes about world politics from an academic perspective.

The LSE Impact Blog covers all sorts of academic topics, including data transparency and reproducibility.

The Dart-Throwing Chimp Blog covers “political development and instability topics.”

The Center for Open Science is a hub for research transparency, replication and pre-registration and offers project websites to e.g. upload your data and share your syllabi. I’m an ambassador at COF.

Rolf Zwaan blogs about “Psychological Experimentation, Cognition, Language, and Academia”, and replication.

R-Bloggers is a great source for R news & tutorials, including how to work in a reproducible way with R.

The Monkey Cage Blog at Washington Post covers academic research and its current challenges, including replication and reproducibility issues.


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