Guest Posts

I regularly invite scholars with an interest in replication and reproducibility to write for this blog. If you would like to propose a topic, please get in touch with me. You will most probably

  • be a student, faculty, journal editor or publisher (in any academic discipline, not just political science)
  • have an interest in reproducibility, replication studies or research transparency related to quantitative and qualitative work
  • want to write about an interesting story, your research or teaching experience, new developments and initiatives, ideas, provocative thoughts, criticism of the state of transparency in the sciences …

Please have a look at the past guest posts on this blog. Guest bloggers usually send a manuscript of up to 800 words, a picture, and a bio with a link to their webpage/twitter.

Previous guest bloggers

L.J Zigerell

Michele B. Nuijten

Joseph Young

Tom Wallis

Chris Hartgerink

Thomas Leeper

Mallory Kidwell

Mark Bell

Nicholas Miller


One thought on “Guest Posts

  1. Jan P. de Ruiter says:

    If you want to repost this one please be my guest. I think if you’d write that it is a repost from it would be fine, copyright-wise. I can check if you want. Yours, JP


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