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Setting up a replication workshop: Typical Challenges

Integrating replication and reproducibility into social science education is crucial. In a pilot project earlier this year, I set up the Cambridge Replication Workshop. In the course, students from different disciplines have eight weeks to replicate a published paper. For anyone planning to design a similar course, I collected feedback from my teaching assistants (Aiora Zabala, Chris Bentz and Vaishali Mahalingam. Part 1 of 3: Challenges of replication in class.
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Is there a difference between replication, reproduction, and re-analysis?

In my replication workshop I’ve been discussing with grad students what replication actually is. Some students, from the field of Psychology, said that it involves re-doing data collection from scratch. In political science, I feel reproducing a paper is the same as replicating work: you take the data set, re-run the analysis, and potentially add to that. Here’s a selection of definitions.
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Setting up a replication workshop – suggestions needed

I’m starting a replication workshop with my statistics students. During my lectures in basic statistics I found that students were most engaged in lab sessions when we worked with data sets. I want to build on that and use replication as a new teaching tool, and I will report about this on my blog. My first challenge: How to pick a paper that’s simple enough for statistics beginners?
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