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Against publication bias: Politics journal invites pre-registered papers

After fields like Psychology have explored pre-registration of studies, now Political Science follows the trend for more transparency in research. A high ranking journal, Comparative Political Studies, plans a special issue in which all papers have to be pre-registered and are submitted without the results section. I asked Michael Findley, one of the editors behind the initative, about publication bias and transparency in the field. Continue reading

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Guest Post: Be a better scientist – how to make your scientific output more credible, by Thomas Leeper

Thomas Leeper, a political scientist at Aarhus University, recently wrote about where to store your replication data. In his second post, he explains what kind of data to archive, and why that makes you a better scientist. His post is packed with concrete steps and state-of-the-art software tips.
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Best of replication & data sharing: Collection 4 (Oct 2013)

bestofThese are the best pieces I came across in the last month on replication, reproducibility & data sharing. With the Economist and the LA times reporting on reproducibility, everyone talks about the topic. Collection #4 (October 2013).
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Quality checks in data repositories – how feasible?

I recently posted a list of data repositories that facilitate reproducibility. I now came across a specialized data archive at Yale. This one seems different: it aims at verifying code and data that are submitted. Is such quality control feasible?
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“Can’t make data available because of contractual agreement”

Dear Nicole,

(…) We can’t make our ____ data available because of our contractual agreement with ___. (…)

Best wishes,



More replication correspondence

I collect more responses from original authors here.

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