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How to ask for data – nicely

I recently received an email where a graduate student is trying to ask original authors for data. There is some evidence that authors withhold data due to time constraints (Tenopir et al. 2011), but they may also decline to share data because they fear a damaged reputation when a replication of their work fails (Lupia and Elman 2014). From my experience in the Cambridge Replication Workshop, authors are more willing to share their data when the replicator is perceived as trying to be helpful rather than cross-checking results. Here are my tips.

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Vote for my blog to get Duckies award

For those who have found this blog useful, please consider putting in your vote for an award for Online Achievement in International Studies.

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Re-Blog: Who’s afraid of open data? (by Dorothy Bishop on the BishopBlog)

“Well, how would you like it if you had spent years of your life gathering data … and some person you have never heard comes out of nowhere demanding to have it?” Dorothy Bishop wrote a very interesting blog post about a conference chat about someone who was forced to work transparently. Here’s the first few paragraphs – do check out the full text:
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Free Reproducible Research Course Online

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 8.07.08 PMIn an excellent move to bring reproducible research to everyone for free, Johns Hopkins University now offers a four-weeks course on Coursera. The course provides videos and exercises to learn statistical analysis tools that allow others to replicate your work easily. The course starts May 5.
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Is Blogging Unscholarly?

The proposal of the International Studies Association to ban editors of its journals from blogging can’t be real, right? Since heavy use of blogs in policical science is already underway, the proposal is far behind the actual discussion, and looks backwards, not ahead.
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