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Guest Post: Archive your data or they die with you, by Thomas Leeper

Thomas Leeper is a political scientist at Aarhus University and focuses on public opinion, political psychology, and experimental methods. I invited him to write a guest post because he is a contributing developer for the rOpenGov and rOpenSci open source software projects. He also wrote the very useful dvn package that connects the statistical software R and the data archive Dataverse. In his post, Leeper explains why there is no reproducibility without proper data archiving.
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Reblog: Teaching reproducibility at Cambridge

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 6.12.28 PMQuality standards in the sciences have recently been heavily criticised in the academic community and the mass media. Scandals involving fraud, errors or misconduct have stirred a debate on reproducibility that calls for fundamental changes in the way research is done. As a new teaching course at Cambridge shows, the best way to bring about change is to start in the classroom. An earlier version of this article was published at the University of Cambridge webpage.
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Networking among teachers assigning replications

Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 3.30.57 PMI’m part of an initiative to promote replications of quantitative work in political science. We aim to create a site that will publish and organize replications done by graduate students in their courses, and to help teachers exchange challenges and pitfalls in using replications for teaching.
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