Currently swamped – but I’m sending my data soon


I would be more than happy to share my data with you, but I am currently swamped and have not had time to clean up the dataset that you requested. Normally, this wouldn’t take much but was originally part of a larger dataset that I had created, and that dataset includes data from other authors which did not give me permission to share (Don’t worry – this data is nothing used in the article). It will likely be a few weeks before I can get to this. Will this be too late?

Out of curiously, what type of project are you working on that you would need the dataset? (…)


I sent two follow-up emails. The author never replied again.

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One thought on “Currently swamped – but I’m sending my data soon

  1. Jonathan O'Donnell says:

    This is exactly why replication needs to become the norm. When people are thinking about sharing from the start, then they will be expecting to see Creative Commons or other sharing metadata when they access a dataset.


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