Share your replication: Political Science Replication Initiative

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 5.56.57 PMEarlier this year, we sent out a survey on replication in political science to the Political Methodology (PolMeth) mailing list. Our survey results, which we wrote up in a post on the Monkey Cage blog, indicated quite a bit of interest in a site to share replication studies.

Since then, we have created a site where replications can be shared, called the Political Science Replication Initiative (PSRI).

Submission guidelines

  • The site is open to anyone affiliated with a political science department. We have adopted community standards and guidelines for submissions. The submissions, while not peer-reviewed, will not be posted if they fail to follow these standards.
  • The repository is in Dataverse, where we also have the option of linking our repository to other Dataverses. To begin with, we have linked in about 100 replications by graduate students that were already in Dataverse.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 5.58.36 PMWe hope that you will encourage your students to share their replications on the site this coming year, and that you will also consider posting your own replications on the site.

Encourage discussion about replications

We see this initiative as one way to encourage and spur discussion around study replications. We hope that it will complement the broader effort around research transparency and replication that is underway at journals and APSA’s DA-RT, and that it may be a part of interesting conversations on these topics at the APSA meeting this week.

If you have any comments or suggestions, or if you wish to collaborate with us on the initiative, please do get in touch at

Nicole Janz, PhD candidate and Social Science Methods Lecturer at Cambridge
Seth Werfel, PhD student, Political Science, Stanford University
Stephanie Wykstra, Research Consultant

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