Networking among teachers assigning replications

Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 3.30.57 PMI’m part of an initiative to promote replications of quantitative work in political science. We aim to create a site that will publish and organize replications done by graduate students in their courses, and to help teachers exchange challenges and pitfalls in using replications for teaching.

If you are a teacher in political science, or a graduate student, we would appreciate your filling out a brief survey (3-5 minutes):

Questions are, for example:

  • If students are assigned replications in a course, how do they choose which study to replicate?
  • What are the problems that students most often encounter when attempting to exactly replicate the reported results?

If you would like to get in touch with other teachers and students involved in replication in political science, you can leave your name and email (but you don’t have to!).


Stephanie Wykstra (contact:, Researcher

Nicole Janz, PhD candidate and Social Science Methods Lecturer at Cambridge

Seth Werfel, Graduate student, Political Science, Stanford University

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One thought on “Networking among teachers assigning replications

  1. […] The other development, also involving the PSA, took place on 9 December at the University of Oxford, where the association’s Quantitative Methods Network held its launch event. This provided the first opportunity for colleagues from Politics and International Relations departments across the UK which are involved in the Q-Step initiative (which I wrote about in my November update from last year), along with teachers of quantitative methods at other institutions, to come together to discuss their planned curricular and pedagogical innovations to boost students’ understanding and use of statistics. It was good to be able to present the HEA social sciences cluster’s work on teaching research methods, a strategic priority of ours for the past two years, and some of our funded projects from recent years have undertaken important work in somes of the areas the Q-Step departments will be exploring, such as the University of Southampton’s Making Methods Matter project on assigning students real world projects in collaboration with real world users of research. It was noticeable that there were no representatives from post-92 institutions at the launch event, besides me. I would encourage colleagues from newer universities to sign up to the network, so as not to miss out on participating in and shaping this important development in the discipline. In addition to joining the mailing list on the QM Network’s website, please also complete this survey. […]


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