Best of replication & data sharing Collection 1

bestofThese are the best pieces I came across in the last two weeks on replication, reproducibility & data sharing. While not strictly on political science, they are inspiring and worth discussing. Collection #1 (January 20 – February 2, 2013).

We should start publishing ‘data articles’

Thoughts on Data Publication, by Carly Strasser on 24 January 2013: We should start publishing ‘data articles’. “A data article describes a dataset, giving details of its collection, processing, software, file formats, et cetera, without the requirement of novel analyses or ground-breaking conclusions.”

Publish your replication!

Sample sizes of initial and replication studies January 31, 2013: Yoel Inbar, Marcel Zeelenberg, and Job van Wolferen published an article replicating the finding that a reminder of health insurance makes people think health-related risks are less likely. “What if authors of new papers would be required to report properly powered replications of their new ‘initial’ studies?” Wolferen’s replication paper is the first ever paper he published.

Post your paper on your webpage?

How much of an academic paper can you post online? Most of it!! January 20, 2013: About “where the boundaries lie in the copyright documents that I sign when I publish papers.” A great resource on policies by Springer, Wiley-Blackwell etc.

Authors don’t deposit their data

Study finds many authors aren’t sharing data when they publish — and leads to a PLOS ONE retraction January 30, 2013: “A new study in Clinical Chemistry paints an alarming picture of how often scientists deposit data that they’re supposed to — but perhaps not surprisingly, papers whose authors did submit such data scored higher on a quality scale than those whose authors didn’t deposit their data.”

Resources on replication in Economics

First Open Economics International Workshop Recap January 25, 2013: “The aim of the workshop was to build an understanding around the value of open data and open tools for the Economics profession and the obstacles to opening up information, as well as the role of greater openness of the academy.” Slides, audio, and lots of great resources on replication and data sharing.


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